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Investigation Logic understands the civil litigation process, from claims handling to trial and beyond. With the big picture always in sight, Investigation Logic designs every investigation to gather those facts necessary to prosecute or defend specific civil actions and to minimize costs. No more expensive and unnecessary fishing expeditions. No more wasted opportunities.

General Civil Liability
Products Liability
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Premises Liability
Consumer Fraud
Employment Discrimination
Employment Harassment
Wrongful Termination
Workplace Violence
Workers' Compensation
and Disability Claims
Construction Defects
Unlawful Detainer/Unlawful Eviction
Police and Firefighter Liability
Health Insurance Fraud
Business Disputes
Unfair Business Practices
SLAPP Actions
Elder Abuse
Bank Fraud
Real Estate Fraud
False Imprisonment
Identity Theft
Theft of Trade Secrets
Copyright and Trademark Violations
Real Estate and Land Use